RAiNBOW Fun Land with MOM!! Riding a Rollercoaster and Exploring new tiny Amusement Parks!

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HEY EVERYBODY!! Today me and Mom set up a roller coaster iNSiDE OUR HOUSE and i am the first customer! As I was riding the ride i saw something on the floor and told Mom to stop. When I got out to see what it was, I noticed it was Polly Pocket!! She said that she was trying to go to the Rainbow Funland Amusement Park but she couldn't get up the big stairs. So me and mom gave her a ride on the Mom coaster all the way upstairs. When we got to Rainbow Funland it was like a big neighborhood theme park with a bunch of different rides and activities, like a roller coaster, a giant swing, a spin ride, and a water park! One of the parks even looked like a giant ice cream cone! AND there was a Zoo where we could look at ALL of the animals! The last part of the park was a bakery where me and mom baked a giant cake! I had some much fun with Mom and Polly at Rainbow Funland!

Polly Pocket toys are available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.
Season 3: Rainbow Funland Adventures is now streaming on Netflix.

Polly Pocket YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8UjlImzgVo1o6ziWxAre3Q

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