RAiNBOW SNOW CONES with ADLEY!! Building an igloo and Sledding with Niko & Navey at pirate island

Adley jumps a mini Grand Canyon on her Snowboard!
LET'S BE FRIENDS -- https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! WHY iS iT SNOWiNG IN SPRiNG!?! Here is Utah we have gotten so much snow this month and it's been crazy!! Today we had so much that school was let out early and we had a SNOW DAY with the Fam!! Dad and Mom thought it would be fun to take me, Niko, and Navey to Pirate Island to have a really fun day!! We got all of our snow toys, some snow cone supplies, and snow clothes on.. then we jumped in the car and headed to our favorite spot!! We didn't really have a plan when we arrived but we just jumped into the fun!! When we first got there we found some secret animal foot prints in the snow that led to the fence!! It looked like a small animal! Niko thought it could have been a mouse or even a kitty!! While my family was investigating the mystery, I ran right to the snow and made sure to be the first in it!! I grabbed the snowcone stuff and set up my own Snow Cone store right in front of the ship! At my store we have all sorts of flavors like orange, grape, skittles, and even rainbow!! I hired my brother and sister to help me run the store!! Niko and Navey really like the flavoring and just started to drink the snow cone juice!! To get the Pop-Pop's (what Navey called Popsicles) ready, we stuffed some molds with snow and filled it up with different flavors! We then stuck the molds into the snow so that they could freeze! As we were waiting for our snow cones to cool down, we wanted to go sledding!! Niko and Navey grabbed their sleds and I grabbed my snowboard!! I had Dad make a jump for me so that i could practice shredding!! I was a little nervous at first but after getting a good pep talk from my dad I was ready to be brave and make the jump!! I tried and tried and tried and I got the hang of it!! I jumped over the GRAND CANYON.... at least that's what my dad called it!! After we were done with snowboarding my family and I decided that we wanted to make an igloo with the snow!! We started to work hard and as a team so we could build our ice house!! It was a lot of hard work but then we remembered that we could just have the vlog pop it up!! That made it way easier!! By the time we were done with our igloo our snow cones were frozen so we all took a break and ate our snow treats!! But be careful if you eat the rainbow snow you might turn into rainbow ghosts!! It was such a fun day with our family and I can't wait for it to snow again so that we can have another best day ever in the winter..... I mean Spring!!

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