Rapid Recharge Markers of Growth

When was the last time you looked through some of your old journals or sketchbooks?

I ask because I have been doing a lot of looking at old sketchbooks recently. One reason is I’ve gotten to teach a class I have never taught before, Conceptual Drawing. I LOVE THIS CLASS!!!! It has given me more time to drawn and think about how I have grown as an illustrator and a designer. Even how I have grown as a thinker/problem solver.

The other reason is I was asked to speak at Mindset Reboot and talk about how Mindset work is a daily practice. And BOY is it. I kept thinking about how my mindset is really critical to my continuous practice of art.

I’ve regularly had unreasonable expectations and had less fun because I wouldn’t allow myself to make mistakes or messes.

Have you ever been like that? So hard on yourself it stops your practice of something?

As I was prepping for the talk at Mindset Reboot, I started seeing a pattern.

Every time I was being stretched in my illustration style or with my drawings I would draw rocks.The rocks are like markers of growth for me. They show up when I start to feel not capable. I draw them and robots when I am feeling like I need a pick-me-up and boost of confidence. I will leave something for tomorrow. I hope you come and bring some old sketchbooks to look through. Maybe you will find a pattern in what you’re drawing.

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