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Plot: The prosperous land of Kumandra is ravaged by the Druun, evil spirits that turn people and dragons to stone. Sisu, the last dragon, concentrates her magic into a gem and banishes the Druun, reviving Kumandra's people but not the dragons. A power struggle for the gem divides Kumandra's people into five tribes called Fang, Heart, Spine, Talon, and Tail, which are named for their placement along a dragon-shaped river.

Five hundred years later, Chief Benja of the Heart tribe, which retains possession of the dragon gem, trains his daughter Raya to protect the gem. Firmly believing Kumandra can be reunited, Benja holds a feast for the leadership of all five tribes. During the feast, Raya befriends Namaari, the daughter of Chief Virana of the Fang tribe, who gives Raya a dragon pendant and tells her of a legend that says the dragon Sisu still exists and can be summoned. Trusting Namaari, Raya shows her the gem's location. Namaari betrays Raya as part of a plot to help Fang steal the gem. Alerted to the attack, Benja and the other tribes arrive and start fighting over the gem, which breaks into five pieces in the scuffle. Members of each tribe steal a piece of the gem, and the Druun awake, overtake Heart and its people, and spread across the rest of Kumandra. Observing the Druun's aversion to water, Benja saves Raya by throwing her into the river before he is petrified.

For the next six years, Raya treks across Kumandra searching for Sisu to have her create another gem and banish the Druun once more. She manages to summon Sisu at a shipwreck in Tail; Sisu admits that she did not create the gem, but wielded it on behalf of her four siblings, who each contributed their magic to the gem. Raya and Sisu resolve to take back the four stolen pieces of the gem, reassemble it and use it to banish the Druun and restore Raya's father and others who were petrified.

Raya and Sisu travel through Tail, Talon, and Spine, reclaiming pieces of the gem and making new friends: the young restaurateur Boun, the baby con artist Little Noi, and the warrior Tong, all of whom have lost loved ones to the Druun. Namaari pursues Raya, hoping to gain the gem shards for the Fang tribe. Each gem shard they acquire blesses Sisu with one of her siblings' magical powers. Raya, not fully trusting their new companions, insists Sisu remain disguised as a human, but Sisu reveals herself to save Raya from Namaari at Spine.

At Fang, Sisu persuades Raya to offer an allyship with Namaari rather than steal the final piece of the gem. As a gesture of trust, Raya returns the pendant Namaari gave her years ago. Namaari, torn between her responsibility to Fang and her wish to help defeat the Druun, threatens them with a crossbow. Sisu tries to calm Namaari but Raya attacks with her sword, causing Namaari's crossbow to fire and kill Sisu.

Sisu's death causes water to disappear from Fang's protective canal, allowing the Druun to overrun the realm. Raya pursues Namaari, whom she finds grieving the petrification of her mother. Raya and Namaari fight while Raya's companions use the gem pieces to evacuate the people of Fang. Raya defeats and prepares to kill Namaari but stops after realizing her own role in Sisu's death due to her inability to trust others. Raya and Namaari go to aid the others. As the Druun gain on her group, Raya remembers how trust allowed Sisu to save the world. She urges the others to unite and reassemble the gem, showing her faith in Namaari by handing over her gem piece and allowing the Druun to take her. The rest follow suit and Namaari reassembles the gem before the Druun petrify her as well. With the dragon gem reassembled, the Druun are vanquished and all victims of the Druun, including the dragons, who resurrect Sisu, are revived. The group reunites with their lost loved ones, including Raya and her father, and the tribes gather at Heart to reunify as Kumandra.
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