Reincarnated Boy acquires ultimate magic skills just by reading magic books - Part 1

anime name: My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World!

Anime Recap - Yuji Sano, who is a Beast Tamer adventurer, is traveling when he is attacked by a monster. With only a few slimes, Yuji easily defeats it. After defeating the monster, Yuji leaves without knowing that the magic core that dropped from the monster's body contained many dangers. In the city of Phastan, at the adventurer's guild, an adventurer by the name of Gale is telling his buddies about how he saw a slime spewing flames, flames that rivaled that of a dragon. But his buddies only laughed, saying that Gale must have been dreaming because no slime could be that strong. Their laughter then stopped when they see Yuji enter the guild and his Tamed beast which is a slime barfs out a lot of rare herbs that he has picked for his quest. The guild master, Aegis, sees Yuji as a bit troublesome for some reason but still reluctantly buys all of the herbs. Then a person came bursting into the guild, he notifies Aegis that there are many monsters appearing in the forest. The number of the monsters is estimated at 10,000.

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