Robotech Origins - This Underrated Masterpiece Saturday Morning Cartoon Opened America For Anime

We often have page homage to the ‘80s on this channel, especially when it comes to animated cartoon tv shows of this dynamic decade. People who grew up watching cartoons during this time continue to claim that these were the best cartoons had ever been. Sure, the animation, sound, and other technical aspects might seem not that great in comparison to what we have today 40 years later. However, these cartoons have great stories, amazing character design, and most importantly, a lot of heart.
This video takes a look at one such memorable tv show from the ‘80s, an anime-based cartoon called Robotech that debuted in the year 1985. It was an American Production but with stories and combined footage taken from other previously aired Japanese anime series. Hardcore fans will definitely remember this one and there is also excitement around this series because of an upcoming project. So here is our take on it!
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