Ron's Gone Wrong (2021) Movie Explained Hindi/Urdu | Family Comedy Film Summarized in हिन्दी اردو

Ron's Gone Wrong (2021) Movie Explained Hindi/Urdu | Family Comedy Film Summarized in हिन्दी

Ron's Gone Wrong (2021) full Movie Story Explained in Hindi/Urdu | Ron's Gone Wrong is a Computer Animated Science Fiction Comedy Family Film Summarized with complete ending in हिन्दी/اردو Explanation. In this video we will also discuss "Ron's Gone Wrong" Movie Summary, Reviews and TimeLine Explanation in Urdu Hindi. Movie explained in Hindi. Hollywood movie explained in Hindi. Fantasy movie explained. Romance Movie explained in Hindi.

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Later on, tech goliath Bubble uncovers their most recent creation: the B-bot, made by the generous CEO Marc Wydell with the plan to make a robot amigo that is intended to assist with making companions, utilizing Marc's kinship calculation introduced in each B-bot. In the anecdotal Californian town of Nonsuch, twelve-year-old Barney Pudowski is the main center schooler who doesn't have a B-bot. His previous beloved companions, Savannah Meades, Rich Belcher, Noah and Ava have all become consumed by their singular B-bots. At some point, Barney's dad Graham, who sells oddities on the web, and his Bulgarian-conceived grandma Donka come to understand that he doesn't have any companions and sympathize Rich pulls a savage trick on Barney. They quickly go to a Bubble store, yet it's shut. Luckily, a conveyance driver had been clutching a somewhat harmed B-bot that had dropped out of his truck and offers it to them.

Barney gets the B-bot as a late birthday present, yet after enacting it, he rapidly discovers that it's flawed and buggy. Not having any desire to disturb his dad, he chooses to return it to the Bubble store to sort it out. He winds up running into Rich and his companions who insult and attempt to embarrass him. The B-bot starts to retaliate as his wellbeing capacities have been switched off and he and Barney giggle together and run. Nonetheless, Rich called the police and they alongside Graham and Donka are taken to the Bubble store with the goal that the B-bot can be squashed. Not having any desire to see him go, Barney furtively safeguards him and names him Ron, an abbreviated variant of his model number.

At the point when Barney and Ron's activities are accounted for, Marc is glad to see Ron conflict with his programming while his COO Andrew Morris sees it as terrible exposure, accepting Ron should be annihilated for the issue to be settled. Barney trains Ron how to be an old buddy and, while hanging out, runs into Savannah who advises Ron that he really wants to assist Barney with getting companions. In spite of Barney telling Savannah not to, she posts Ron's activities web based, cautioning Bubble. The following day, Ron escapes the house and attempts to get "companions" for Barney, carrying a progression of arbitrary individuals to school. As Barney causes problems, Rich finds Ron's opened capacity and downloads it, causing the wide range of various B-bots to have their security highlights and parental controls switched off. The B-bots go crazy and, eventually, after the B-Bots have a fix update, Savannah is freely embarrassed.

Barney is suspended from school and reprimands Ron, yet after getting back, understands that Ron was genuinely being a companion and chooses to flee with him when Bubble workers come for him. They momentarily run into Savannah, actually resentful about her occurrence, and tells her that he is stowing away in the forest. In the mean time, while Andrew cautions Marc about the consequences of the B-bot, Marc slips away so he can meet Ron while Bubble utilizes their assets to assume responsibility for all the B-bots to go searching for Ron and Barney in the forest. Because of the chilly climate and Barney's asthma, he becomes feeble and Ron takes him back to human progress right external the school where Savannah, Rich, Noah and Ava rush out to help him.

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10
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