ROOF RESCUE MiSSiON!! Adley & Niko save our Airplane! Family Surprise inside the airport we're HOME

the WHOLE FAMiLY is finally back home ❤️


Best Airplane Day Ever 1255

The family is home!! so my flight landed about an hour ago and as it turns out, Jenny and the kiddos are coming in at a gate near by. So I decided to surprise them when the get off the airplane. I don't know if they are at the back of the plane because they are taking forever! But once I see them, we all run and hugged and were sooo happy to see each other. I missed them all so much! We go get our luggage and start to head home, but of course Adley and Niko get rides on our bags.

We get home and the next day we are getting back into our normal morning routine. We have some new airplane toys that the the kiddos want to play with. So we head to the front yard to throw them in the air. Its a little windy so its really easy for the plans to do flips and tricks and soar through the sky. Nikos plane flies so far, Adley's (which looks like it has sticker pox) does barrel rolls, and the one i fly is really good at doing back flips.

After having tons of fun in the front yard Adley throws her plane and it flies super high and lands on the roof of our house!! Oh no! We need to go on a rescue mission!! We head to Niko's room and open the window and we can see the plane. Its close but we can't reach it. The kiddos come up with a few plans and we finally settle on tying a rope to a hanger and dropping it out of a window. We all take turns, Niko Bear getting close and Adley almost hooking it. I move it a few times till Jenny finally hits it off the roof. The kiddos and I run downstairs to see if the plane is safe! Rescue mission was a success. It's like we were Paw Patrol in real life lol!

The next adventure I am going on today is out at the Salt Flats. its this really cool place out in Utah were we are going to take the monster truck and film an this awesome video with our homies at Bucked up energy. Do you remember them, they are the guys that flew the helicopter to pirate island? We are going working with them to make a new energy drink so film with them and that chopper today. Its going to fly over the monster truck as we mob and drive through the mud. I'm also going to tie a secret container to it. It's super fun and we get some amazing shots, but we have to go on a few rescue missions cause we pop a tire on one truck and another truck sinks and gets stuck in the mud. We get done filming and saving all the vehicles and right then, the super charger belt on the truck breaks so now I need a rescue mission.

We go on a journey to find some help and when we finally find it, a tank like cat tractor that can get the truck back home. What a wild best day ever!!

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