Rudeus X Eris... And Why Eris Left (Anime Only)

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In Mushoku Tensei episode 22 we saw a lot of developments in the relationship of Rudeus x Eris - including where Eris leaves Rudeus with just a note after they spend the night together. The Mushoku Tensei anime had some skipped content in terms of why did Eris leave Rudeus, where the light novel shows Eris' perspective before she leaves. This may be shown somewhat in episode 23, but for now, we are left only with Rudeus feeling depressed... In this video I give an analysis of the relationship between the two characters of Eris and Rudy, and of why Eris leaves, and why Rudeus takes it as badly as he does... This video does not contain plot spoilers for later in their relationship, and is suitable for anime only Mushoku Tensei (Jobless Reincarnation) fans who are avoiding spoilers. If you do want to know what happens later, check out my video on Rudeus Greyrat's Love Life.

This video contains a short reading of Eris' point of view from volume 6 of the Mushoku Tensei light novel series.

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