s1mple - World's Best CS:GO Player (Rank #1 2021 Fragmovie)

S1mple best plays / moments from 2021, highest rated player of all time, breaking world records and was miles ahead of the competition in 2021.
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This video contains the best moments from the best CSGO teams in the world. The frag movie is edited with Sony vegas and After effects.
Players such as s1mple , device , zywoo , stewie2k , niko , fallen, coldzera and more. The top tier teams such as NiP , astralis , vitality , g2 , fnatic , furia , mibr , faze , Navi , liquid & more. Highlights from twitch or big csgo tournaments / leagues. ксго, ксго лучшие моменты. nykytilan kohokohdat, лучшие клипы, обзор, повтор. мажор, дримхак, про лига, райз, райз симпл

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