Sacrificed all memory to be only S-rank summoner in the world but they think he's F-rank Anime Recap

This is part one of my recap for the 2022 anime "BLACK SUMMONER"

Future parts will be linked in a pinned comment when they become available.

Awakening in a bizarre new spot without any memory of his previous existence, Kelvin discovers that he's bargained away those very recollections in return for strong new capacities during his new immigration. Going out into a totally different world as a Summoner — with his most memorable Follower being the very goddess who brought him over! — Kelvin starts his new life as a globe-trotter, and it isn't well before he finds his secret demeanor as a fight addict.
From the Black Knight of the Ancient Castle of Evil Spirits to the devil inside the Hidden Cave of the Sage, he delights in the battle against an endless series of impressive adversaries. Join this overwhelmed globe-trotter in a thrilling and legendary adventure as he and his partners cut their direction into the chronicles of history!

Isekai Anime Recap
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