Saitama vs Garou REVEALED God's POWER & Blast's INSANE MYSTERY

One Punch Man Manga and One Punch Man web comic has revealed many secrets about Saitama vs God, But Now One Punch Man Chapter 164 gives another clue through Saitama vs Garou regarding this God’s character sinister plan and Why BLAST the number #1 S CLASS Hero is trying to stop his revival! We explain Saitama vs Garou, explaining How Strong Garou in One Punch Man has become in comparison to every other hero and monster we have seen so far, only Saitama and God can stop him now in this powerful state. Saitama Broke his Limiter and became the strongest hero and being on the entire planet, in our previous video we were answering the age old question, why is Saitama so strong and what is Saitama's true power? Garou is different, he broke his limiter multiple times, whilst Saitama is limitless, there is a difference. Blast the number 1 hero wants to fight against him and trying to save earth from his objective of corrupting planet earth. Saitama the strongest hero in the entire world must save humanity!

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