SAITAMA'S NEW GOD POWER UP VS GOKU! After 10 Years, The Answer is REVEALED - HOW STRONG is Saitama?

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One Punch Man Manga has released One Punch Man Chapter 168 which reveals that Saitama is actually a UNIVERSE BUSTER LEVEL! After the fight between Saitama vs Cosmic Garou, Saitama got so strong and learned so many techniques that he could even create his own universe and travel back in time! But how strong did Saitama get during his fight with Cosmic Garou? We explained and power scale of Saitama to find out how powerful he has become in such a short time. With his new found power and his ability called limitless, he became the strongest character in the series of One Punch Man and Possibly all of Anime! Yes! Saitama vs Goku, WHO WINS?

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