SAITAMA's REAL POWER REVEALED - THIS IS WHY HE'S BROKEN & Got His Powers! Saitama vs God. @Zhoniin

One Punch Man Manga and One Punch Man web comic has revealed many secrets about Saitama vs God, We explain How Saitama Broke his Limiter and became the strongest hero and being on the entire planet, answering the age old question, why is Saitama so strong and what is Saitama's true power? God in the one punch man manga Has many different powers and story in One Punch man, Blast the number 1 hero wants to fight against him and trying to save earth from his objective of corrupting planet earth. Saitama the strongest hero in the entire world must save humanity, God has used the likes of Homeless Emperor, Tatsumaki and many others to go against the world! We explain all of God's Powers, Who is God in One Punch Man and What is God's objective? All these answers will explain the final chapter of one punch man and Saitama's final fight against God!

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0:00 - Saitama's True Power, Saitama vs God is Inevitable, How Saitama Will Defeat GOD & His Powers Explained!
1:42 - Garou & Saitama Have Surpass Even DEATH! How They Broke Thier Limiters and Evolve!
5:56 - Who is GOD? How Saitama Will Give Everyone Their Humanity Back!
9:17 - Saitama Breaking His Limits and Gaining Power! Saitama Will Be The Super Hero of the New World!
13:03 - God Manipulated Humanity To Evolve for his Sake! GOD Ultimate Plan To Free Himself and Take Revenge!
18:25 - Saitama Has Evolved to The Ultimate Being! Saitama vs God.

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