Schlatt's Chips Tier List

Schlatt ranks every chip ever made.
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Today Schlatt makes a Tier List! It's been a long time since this has happened. Last time I tried making a tier list video you guys watched it 10 million times. But we're back, baby! Schlatt loves chips (I hate writing in the third person) and decided to make a Chips Tier List and Rank Every Chip Known To Man. This is probably quite similar to Moist Cr1tikal Tier List videos, even though I've never watched a single one. Thank you for inventing Tier List Videos. Lays, Baked Lays, Doritos, Doritos Nacho Cheese, Doritos Cool Ranch, Ruffles, Bugles, Tostitos Scoops, Pringles (Look What They Did To My Boy), Cape Cod, Funyuns, Fritos, Takis, Doritos 3D, Sun Chips, Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar, Lays Barbecue, and more are featured in this video and also in this description for SEO purposes. What rank will Schlatt give your favorite cereal? Watch the entire video to find out (and also to help me make more money!)

Edited by me, all by myself with a little bit of help from Archie https://twitter.com/archiemcw
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