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⚫ Movie: Aliens Reaction

⚫ Genre: Science fiction

⚫ Director: Ali Pourahmad

⚫ Producers: Caitlin Burt and David Jon Foster

⚫ Executive producer: Ali Pourahmad

⚫ Music by Marc Timón

⚫ Production companies: Hundred Studio Production(HSP) and Abstractor Studios

⚫ IMDb page:

⚫ Director Note:

Before watching this movie, I should point out that this movie is made from a combination of many CGI scenes with a remote collaboration between me in the south of Iran and my team in the US. Due to this limitation of a remote work everything happened on stage not based on a pre-designed film production. This was a solution and a new way for me to gain a new experience by working remotely in a large scale of film making without a script. Maybe some part of the film's gaps are due to the impossibility of controlling everything on the set remotely. I made this movie with a low budget based on using 90% of visual effects on green screen footage which was sent by my team in America. Most the close-up, medium and the long shots are CGI created only using a GTX 560 Ti 1GB graphics card which caused many limitation in 3D rendering of 200000 CGI frame with sophisticated vfx techniques for this movie by me. You can see all the behind the scenes of this movie on my Instagram how I made Aliens Reaction with very few features as an independent filmmaker without financial sponsors.

Thank you very much for watching this movie and taking your time to read the description.
(Ali Pourahmad)

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