SCP-1562 - The Carnivorous Slide (SCP Animation)

SCP 1562 is a Safe Class anomaly also known as The Carnivorous Slide.

SCP-1562 is a metal playground slide measuring 2.2 meters high and 3.4 meters long. SCP1562 was acquired from an abandoned playground after several children in the area went missing. The object's anomalous effects only manifest when a person slides down head-first on their stomach with their arms tucked down at their sides.

When a person slides down SCP-1562 in the aforementioned manner, they will disappear instantly and completely at approximately 15 cm before the end of the slide.

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SCP-1562 - The Carnivorous Slide (SCP Animation) is based on "SCP-1562" by trennerdios:

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