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Let's explore the sea world with the Super Rescue Team.

00:00 Whale Shark Bus
09:37 Fireball From the Sky
16:28 Underwater Mechanic Sea Otter
26:35 Daddy Seahorse Gives Birth to Babies
36:14 The Camel: Delivery Man of the Desert
45:32 Elephant's Trunk
56:29 Repairman Gibbon
01:05:15 The Volcano Island Carnival
01:14:26 Reporter Chameleon is Hurt!

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★ Super Rescue Team: Think independently and learn animals' features
★ Magical Chinese Characters: Solve life problems and learn Chinese characters
★ Good Habits: Cultivate healthy habits and learn Safety Tips
★ Math Kindom Adventure: Learn Numbers and Counting
★ Yummy Foods Family: Explore the World of Food and learn letters, colors, numbers, and more!

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