Shanks D Xebec REVEALED His NEW HAKI & 100% TRUE Power For The First Time, It Has SHOOK The World.

One Piece Manga has just released One Piece Chapter 1055 where its reveal that Red Hair Shanks is the STRONGEST HAKI USER IN THE WORLD! After Greenbull arrive at the Land of Wano to try to capture Monkey D. Luffy, he gets stopped by Momonosuke and the Scabbards who are trying to drive him away. However, Shanks Uses his God like observation haki combine with his conquerors haki to target Greenbull from miles away in order to warned him that he is watching his every move so he need to leave Wano. We have never seen this level of Haki control from anyone in the entire series and it far surpasses all the other Yonkos. Shanks Haki might even be stronger than Whitebeard during his prime or even The King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger. This truly showcases what kind of threat Shanks is to the World Government and why he is respected by every.

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