She KICKED Him in the BALLS!

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It was my wife's birthday recently, but we weren't able to do anything fun since I'm recovering from spine surgery. Today, I'm tricking her into believing she'll be testing out new equipment at the Spy Ninjas theme park we are building. In reality, she'll be walking into a surprise birthday party with snacks, drinks, balloons, and streamers.

After the party she'll actually be testing out thrill rides such as a really long outdoor zip line in Las Vegas. It is ten stories tall, many blocks long, and you fly like a superhero. This is a fear Vy will be facing but once she does I'll know she'll be very proud of herself for overcoming her fear. She'll be overcoming other fears along the way such as dancing and singing Happy Birthday in public, in front of a large group of police officers, as well as kicking a... well you saw the title and thumbnail of this video.

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