She Started a FIGHT?? EXPOSING My Friend @Wolfychu!

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I'm a big fan of 'Never Have I Ever' so why not decide to ruin more of my friendships with it? Introducing @Wolfychu, an innocent little bean to act as a counter to my own shameless, chaotic self... and honestly, a wonderful video about threatening prime ministers, fighting animals and starting high school fights was created!! It legitimately is one of the most fun videos I've ever made hahaha

no i dont like feet please believe me

Thanks @Wolfychu for joining me and tolerating the chaos, make sure to head on over to her channel and subscribe!!

Major thanks to TeamAMaazing:

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Bradlee (Storyboarder) -

Delaney (Animator) -
Kai (Animator) -
DavidToons (Animator) -
Lette (Animator) -
Hexrin (Animator) -
Lupa (Animator) -
Fliglaba (Animator) -
Rick (Animator) -
Amanda (Lip-syncer) -

NuNu91011 (BG Artist/Thumbnail Artist) -
Becky (BG Artist) -
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