Shunned boy gets god-like power thanks to dark stones | All in One

anime name: Sacred Seven

anime recap: Tandoji is living his life in loneliness. Everyone at school is afraid of getting close to him as there’s a rumor that he’s a gangster. One day, as usual, Tandoji goes home without noticing that he’s being spied on. A little while later, a girl along with her butler, knocks on his door and introduces herself as Ruri Aiba, Ceo of Aiba Foundation. In short, she’s here to invite Tandoji to their organization and help them to protect their city from Stone Demons with his dormant powers. Seeing that he isn’t interested in such a sudden invitation, Yuri and her butler starts telling Tandoji on what they know about him. At the age of 14, Tandoji knocked out 18 high schoolers, who then needed 8 months to fully recover. 10 years ago, his father disappeared, and his mother died in a car accident. The more they tell him, the more he's getting provoked and begins to lose control. His power starts to accelerate dramatically. If they don’t get out of there fast, then they would have vanished in no time.

song: NEFFEX - Grateful [Copyright Free]
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