Sing with Mocas! Cartoons & Songs for kids. Nursery rhymes for babies.

Come and play with funny monster cars and sing-along songs on the FirstToons channel! 5 little monster trucks are ready to play and have fun with you. Let's sing, dance and play with Mocas' songs. Let's take a train ride on the railroad, hide the cars in the sand on the beach, play on a toy farm and go on a journey through the forest with brave ants. What is your favorite baby song? Write to us in a comment in our Community.

00:00 - The Five Little Ducks
02:20 - The Ants Go Marching One By One
05:47 - The Old McDonald Had A Farm
08:17 - The Five Little Trucks
10:25 - The We Are Trucks
12:50 - The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round
14:45 - The Rain Rain Go Away
16:58 - The Finger Family (Daddy Finger)
19:20 - The Down By The Station

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