Sing with Mocas! Learn animals song for kids. Nursery rhymes. Baby cartoons & songs for kids.

Come and sing with Mocas while watching baby cartoons in English! Learn animals and choose your favorite song for kids. Find all-new nursery rhymes and funny songs for kids in a new cartoon compilation. All little monster cars are waiting for you to sing and dance with our new songs' compilation! Let's listen to 6 top songs and sing with Mocas cars together. Where are the ants going? Will there be enough space for all cars on the bus? What animals live on the toy farm? Let's find out together! Watch and play with Monster trucks and cars!

00:00 - The Ants Go Marching song for kids
02:59 - The Five Little Trucks song for kids
05:05 - The Wheels On The Bus song for kids
07:05 - The We Are Trucks song for kids
09:40 - The Finger Family song for kids
11:40 - The Old McDonald Had a Farm song for kids

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