Siren Head Found Us at the Beach! Glamrock Freddy Protects Us! 4 Million Subscriber Special!

Glamrock Freddy protects us from Siren Head at the beach while we celebrate 4 million subscribers. This funny family friendly video shows how Glamrock Freddy takes down Siren Head at the Beach. We have a feeling that Huggy Wuggie, Kissy Missy, Cartoon Cat, Cartoon Dog, Bendy and more gaming characters are coming next. We really hope this doesn't happen to our friends Ethan and Cole from the Sneak Attack Squad, Noah, Eden and Hope from Superhero Kids, Jazzy, Jack, and Kade from Kids Fun TV, and Bryton, Ashton, Payton and Paxton from Ninja Kidz TV

These life lessons will impact you, inspire you, encourage you, and equip you to bring out your imagination and apply these life skills to your everyday activities:
Don't talk to strangers, Team work makes the dream work, Don't believe everything you hear

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Happy 6 Year Anniversary of Twin Toys.

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