Sister Called Me Home Wrecker After Her Fiancee Left Her For Me, Accusing Me of Flirting w/ Him

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Story Summary :-
Layla’s sister has always been jealous of her because she was the golden child of their parents. She thinks she is spoilt. Jess doesn’t like her at all. So when her fiancé, Jimmy, starts to flirt with her sister during the wedding preparation, Jess blames Layla. But Layla claims innocence. However, Jimmy leaves Jess on their wedding day, claiming that he is in love with Layla and not Jess. This angers Jess and she calls Layla a slut who seduced her fiancé. Jess and her friend, Becky, accuse Layla of approaching Jimmy all the time and seducing him. Layla tries to explain that it’s the opposite, that Jimmy approached her. But no one is having it and Jess lunges at her. Their parents don’t believe Layla and tell her to leave their house. When Layla calms her anger and goes back to pack her bags, she finds that Jess has destroyed her room and burnt all her clothes. In anger she screams that Jess is pathetic, and leaves.
However, Jess tells her story from her side, and it sounds very different. Jess claims that half of Layla’s story is fabricated and it didn’t even happen. She explained that yes, she has always thought of her younger sister as a spoilt child and has often criticized her parents for treating Layla like the golden child. She disagreed when they let Layla live with them after she was kicked out of college for disobedience. She also explains how Layla is not to be trusted around men, as
she had tried to steal her 22-year-old boyfriend when she was just 16 years old. She says that Layla did the same with Jimmy, she seduced him into leaving her and she knows this because Layla wasn’t kicked out by their parents, but Layla eloped with Jimmy. She had been posting pictures and videos on social media. Jess claims that it was Layla who had been jealous of her all this time. Layla just wanted to ruin Jess’ happiness like usual, and she did. Layla returns a month or two after eloping with Jimmy and begs Jess to help her out as Jimmy gets Layla into trouble. Layla claims that Jimmy was drunk driving and hit another car carrying a family of four. They are badly injured.
Now Jimmy is blaming Layla as he says that Layla was driving the car. She says
that after the accident, Jimmy fled the scene. Now she wants Jess to help compensate the family of four as she is rich and their parents refused to help Layla. Jess refuses to help. However, Jess soon finds out that Layla is again lying when she is approached by Jimmy. He claims that it was indeed Layla who was drunk and driving the car. He claims that he hadn’t realized that she was drunk when he got into the car with her, and when he did, he asked her to park the car but she refused and they got into a fight. He says that he ran because he was scared and after he fled, Layla switched seats to make it look like Jimmy’s fault, when he was the one who called the ambulance and everything. Jess advises Jimmy to come clean to the family and hope they won’t blame him. The family decides not to press charges against Jimmy, and Layla goes to jail on counts of manslaughter, driving under the influence, and other charges.


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