SMASHERS | Crystal Slime Swamps | Series 4 Episode 9 | Cartoons For Kids | Fire vs. Ice!

The Dino Duo follow the Ice Age baddies through a SLIME COVERED SWAMP full of the bones of ancient smashers! But their jet ski gets stuck in the slime and they discover… It's a trap! Spino and T-Rex battle the boneheads, but get stuck in the quick sinking slime. It seems like the dinos are doomed, until they’re saved by an unexpected ally.

Welcome to the wacky world of SMASHERS! It's time for you to SMASH THE BALL & COLLECT 'EM ALL! The innovative Smashball puts the action right in your hands. What's inside the Smashball? Just throw, smash, surprise to find over 100 wacky sports characters inside! Battle against the Bad Sports to earn Smash Points and become a Smasher Elite! Get into the game with the newest toy collectable from ZURU - SMASHERS!

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