SMASHERS! Gross Gator Vs Baby Poo + more Kids Cartoons! | Zuru | Smashers World | Animated Stories

Sewer Boat Race! Dive into the toilet bowl, flush yourself away to the grossest race track. Battle the Poop Waves, watch out for the Corn and hidden surprises! Who will be the first to cross the Toilet Paper finishing line?

Welcome to the wacky world of SMASHERS! It's time for you to SMASH THE BALL & COLLECT 'EM ALL! The innovative Smashball puts the action right in your hands. What's inside the Smashball? Just throw, smash, surprise to find over 100 wacky sports characters inside! Battle against the Bad Sports to earn Smash Points and become a Smasher Elite! Get into the game with the newest toy collectable from ZURU - SMASHERS!

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