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Weasel has tried to replace Dylan's engine with an old knock-off one, but it's made so much smoke he can't even see where he's going. Blue helps Gecko reach Dylan by using a little handheld fan to clear the smoke, then uses his newly repowered tools to give Dylan a much cleaner engine instead.

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00:00 Smoky Day Clean Up
02:21 Weasel Water Waste
04:27 Sly and The Mole
06:28 Weasel Wash Gone Wrong
08:33 Weasel is Sick
11:34 Emergency Ice Cream Adventure
13:36 Weasel Plan Thief
15:43 Muddy Maze Mission
18:49 Magnet Madness
20:50 Hero Day
23:51 Weasel's New Wheels
26:03 Wake Up Weasel Cake Catastrophe
29:02 Drive Thru Haunted House
32:04 Fire at the Garage
34:10 Runaway Car Wash
37:09 Dirty Weasel
40:10 Rocket-Powered Ice Cream Truck
42:21 Green Saves the Tree
44:24 Ice Cream Thief
47:28 Don’t Throw It… Fix Up and Fly It!
49:33 Recycling Day Repairs
52:35 Weasel's Wheels
54:44 Bobby The Bus Is Sick
56:56 Baby Truck Storm Rescue
59:00 Magic Mayhem
1:02:07 The Big Race
1:04:08 Frozen Lake
1:06:15 Santa Gecko
1:09:19 Gecko's Christmas Rescue
1:11:28 Motorcycle Madness
1:13:37 Grandma vs Gadgets
1:16:44 Kat's Rocket Sky Chase
1:18:46 Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
1:21:48 Soft Play Boo Boo Recycle
1:23:56 Gecko's Accident

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