SNEAKiNG inside Dads Work!! Family Day with Niko & Adley at The Spacestation playing with Nanners!

the kids thief our Claw Machine toys!!

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Best Nanners Day Ever 1226

Shhh! Aldey, Niko Bear, Jenny and I are sneaking into the Spacestation for a sneaky surprise nerf battle with Nick and Colby, the editors of Adley’s “A for Adley” channel and some of our really really good friends! They have no idea that the kiddos are sneaking up on them till the nerf darts start to fly. They try to escape up the slide but Aldey herds them back down and Niko Bear is waiting for them.

You might ask why is the family at the spacestation? Well, you may already know that we recently launched a new snack called Nanners! Well this is from a few days ago, when we came to the spacestation to do a photoshoot and some slow-mo filming for all the promo videos. The whole family is going to involved and we came up with some really fun ideas on what we can do. While the crew is getting all the stuff ready, we grab some pizza and go on a tour of the office and all the new updates.

Jenny and Adley really like our new space tunnel that Scott our metal man is finishing up. We think Niko Bear may have sent a nerf dart up in the ceiling. So we lift Adley up to see if she can see it, instead she finds a alien living in the spacestation!! Ok, that might be pretend play, but nothing wrong with that.

The photoshoot is all ready so we head down to throw Nanner up in the air, try to do trick shots and catch them in our mouths, and even pull out our umbrellas and get the banana chips raining down on us. The kids even pour a few bags full all over me and mom!! Grrr those crazy kids vs dad!! lol that kiddos do amazing!

While we are wrapping up, Adley and Niko Bear discover that the spacestation claw machine is open. So what do you think they do? They climb inside with all the stuffies and toys. It’s like they are buried in ball pit balls but for a claw game!! They get some bags, and start loading them up with everything inside the claw machine. By the time i find out what they are doing, every single toy and ball are in bags and ready to be taken to our house. So, nothing to do but load up the purple tesla and head home with the kiddos new toys!!

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