SNOW CONE SCHOOL!! Family Day at PiRATE iSLAND! sledding and snowboarding with Adley Niko & Navey

How have we never sled inside the skate park?!!

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Best Snowy Pirate Island Day Ever 1362

Adley and Navey start our vlog off today. Since its a super snowy day, they want to make sure the vloggy stays nice and warm. So they give you guys a hat and gloves, everything to make sure you don't turn into a snowman. We take a look at all the fresh powder outside and can't wait to go out and play in it.

We run into the back yard and start jumping on the snow trampoline! It's a blast but a little snowy when you land on your back in it. Adley does some tricks, niko and dad have a mini snowball battle, and then we see it, the back yard skatepark!! It has snow on all sides and the top, the perfect little hills to go sledding. Adley and i find some sleds in the garage and then the fun really begins. Navey is the first one in, riding her little green sled into the skate park. Niko Bear follows and I quickly take a turn, sliding into the middle of the skate park bowl. Adley, the little dare devil, drops in from one of the steeper side. This is so much fun!! Navey is sliding down over and over, niko is making snow angels, adley is going down the steep hills, what more could you ask for accept to able to snowboard or skate the snow! That's when i remember that I have a snow skate and that changes everything!! After some super fun runs, Navey wants a turn. She learns to ride the snow skateboard all by herself, i'm so proud.

If the backyard is so fun in the snow, imagine what pirate island must be like?!! We load up our sleds, adley's snowboard, and the dogs and we all head towards the lake lot!! We get there and adley sees cat paw prints and she wants to follow the tracks so we can check on the volcano cats. We follow the foot prints into the tunnel till we get to the warm shelters we set up. No cat but looks like they have been using the little houses we brought them to stay warm. Niko Bear finds some tracks leading into the volcano and when we open the door to investigate, it turns out to be Koopa who was looking for the volcano cats too!!

It's time to play in the snow!! Adley and I get out the sleds and snow skate to ride them on the lava bumps and the beach!! After a few runs on the sled, Adley wants to ride her snowboard! We strap her in and we send her down some hills. She is so good and has great balance i'm not even worried. we decided to do a little trick run by going down the ramp of the pirate ship!! we wrap up snowboarding and all the kiddos want to pretend play that we are going to snow cone school.

Niko and Adley teach mom, Navey, and I how to make the perfect snow cone using the snow. We head back to the dock where we all decorate and eat our snow cones. Its actually really good and i'm shocked that i didn't do this as a kid.

We have had so much fun at pirate island we want to remember some of our favorite times here. So we pop up a mini move for all of us to watch. memories like when Adley and I lived here during covid, or catching the fish from under the ice, or when Adley and I walked all the way to unicorn island. So many fun times here in the snow.

We end this Best Day Ever by crashing my nephew's Birthday party. He and his friends are big gamers so i snag some of the SSG guys and we dres up like Master chief and an astronaut and take him some gifts!! What a fun filled day, a great memory with so much family fun!

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