SNOW in the BACKYARD!! Adley & Niko build a snowman and a family snowball fight inside the house!

Making CRAFTS and playing ROBLOX with some of our new FRiENDS!!


Best Snow Day Ever 1239

We wake up to the kiddos jumping on the bed, super excited to see if the elf on the shelf is back! Aldey and Niko Bear rush down stairs and give as a little recap of where our elf Snowy has been the last few mornings. The first night she landed on our Christmas Tree in a paper airplane. Other mornings she's been crazy in our kitchen. It's never the same morning routine with her. While we are walking around the house, Adley notices something strange coming from out downstairs bathroom. We head over to investigate, only to find that Snowy has filled the bathroom with tons of pretend play snowballs. We have a family fun mini snowball fight inside our house till the girls head to the front yard to get real snow! Yikes!!

We wake up baby Navey and we can't wait to show her the snow balls that are in our house. At first she isn't quite sure what to think about them, but she ends up liking them. After we eat breakfast, Adley has the great idea that we put on our snow cloths and go play outside. We get everyone nice and warm (Navey looks like a little marshmallow baby) and we head out into the backyard! There is snow everywhere!! We head over to jump on the trampoline and find that its super slippery. We slide around and do tricks. We throw snowballs at each other and slip on the ice in the skate park. After seeing how cool the splash pad looks with all the snow, we decide to make a snowman!

Adley gets the base started while Niko looks for buttons, eyes, and arms. We get a pretty good snowman made, he's got a great little smile but a tiny little neck. I hope his head doesn't fall off!! We head to the front yard were we have the ultimate family snow battle. A little boys vs girls as we keep having tons of fun in the snow!

We head inside because we have an extra special surprise today! if you've been watching the vlogs for a while, you might know that we love working with the Make A Wish foundation. Well today we are going to hang out with some new friends from there. All they wanted to do was hang out with Adley, Niko, and our family. So we jump on a video call with them and it is so much fun. We do some diy crafts, painting and coloring picture frames that we can put a picture of all of us in. The kids also love math and dance, just like Adley so we chat about that before we start playing some of our favorite Roblox games! Seriously, this was a blast. The entire family loved it!

Come with us as we go to a fancy dinner with my dad and family. I don't think Adley, Niko Bear, and Navey have been to a restaurant like this, cause its a little crazy. With pretend school buses, eating teddy bears, and Navey tearing up the table cloth!

We end the night with a spacestation Christmas party and two really cool updates. First update, our newest cartoon just came out and its amazing. Check out the link to our Spacestation Animation channel to see it --
Or the one we post on Adley's channel a little ways down. The second update, top secret news, Adley is in her own Roblox game! more info coming very soon! Such a crazy and exciting time!!

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