Sonic V.S. Knuckles - The Race [Sonic Movie 2 Animation] ソニック v. ナックルズ

When Dr. Eggman steals the Master Emerald with the help of Metal and Mecha Sonic, it's up to Sonic and Knuckles to get it back. But there's a twist: whoever reaches the Master Emerald first gets to keep it! Based on the hit film Sonic The Hedgehog 2, GROOVY[K]2000 brings you Sonic V.S. Knuckles!

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Sonic and Knuckles models by SAB64
Chaos, Mecha Sonic, Neo Metal Sonic, Tails, Egg Robo, Egg Pawn, Hard Boiled Heavies, Goal Plate, Dr.Eggman by SAB64
KM Style Knuckles V2 by josugomezofficialnew
Fun Gun by amiamy111
Smart Speaker Set by Chee Shep
MLG Shades by mmdfuph
MMD Sonic Item Pack by Astroseedp

Angel Island stage by SAB64
Kokoro Stage by Dan1024
PDFT Dreaming Leaf Stage 2 by Dan1024
Glory 3usi9 Stage by Dan1024
Stage13by G_Wuuuuuu
Residential area, 雪原 by ムムム
SimpleTunnel by winglayer
tikei341, tikei411, tikei412 by Mr. Tozen
ざっくり森ステージ1.1 by Ai2418sv
Tokikoshi stage by ejima
清水風 byムムム
FallForest by Ttbq_Sora
V2_Route66 by Tarotaro
スカイドーム_冬の夕方の森TL1_配布物, スカイドーム_ビル夜景NN5 and スカイドーム_絵画調の空MM2 by kaiwakap
incskies_000_mmd8 by aokcub
mmd__crystal_platform and mmd__ice_path by kaahgomedl
White Acropolis by Desperative

Music Used:
Unknown From M.E. - Sonic Adventure 2
Palmtree Panic Bad Future JP - Sonic CD
The Rise of the Six - Sonic Lost World
Commander's Memories - Shadow The Hedgehog
Stardust Speedway Good Future JP - Sonic CD
Sonic vs Knuckles (North Wind) - Sonic The Fighters
Sea Bottom Segue - Sonic Symphony
Wrapped In Black - Sonic Rush
Metal Sonic The Ultimate Overlord - Sonic Heroes
Intro - Sonic Unleashed

Raisin' Me Up - Sonic Rush

Animated in MikuMikuDance (MMD)

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