Spill The Tea Deep Dive Episode 2 | Mermaid High | Cartoons for Kids

It’s the first day of school at Mermaid High. Which means, time to spill the tea! But wait… did their mermaid secret already get exposed!? Let’s deep dive.

h2OMG! Tea was spilled. Shellphones were lost. Drama, drama, drama! I’ve got the play-by-play recap and all the deep dive hot goss. We’ve also got the mermaid spotlight on, well, who else? Searra! And then, we show you how to throw the ultimate Mermaid High Watchparty!!! Mermaid tail popcorn holders? Yeah, we did.

Mermaid High Deep Dive is the vlog that tells all! Reactions to animated episodes. Unboxing the dolls. Plus other fun stuff like making TikTok vids and doing make-up tutorials. Join my sea-cret club! New videos every Saturday!

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