SpongeBob, Danny Phantom & The Casagrandes Escape a GIANT Slime Monster!

OH NO! The Slime Monster is back and BIGGER than ever before! Can the Portal Chasers defeat him and save the slime? Come along with SpongeBob, Lincoln Loud, Ronnie Anne Santiago, Kid Danger, and Baby Carlito Casagrande— plus a few Carlito clones— for a game of CatDog-Man, a running race, a Nickelodeon obstacle course, and a ghost-catching challenge with Danny Phantom!

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A Cartuna Production
Director: Chen, PoChien
Art Director: Ting Chu
Assistant Project Manager: Yen Chieh Hsu
Storyboard Artists: Michael Vicari, Ben Luce, Tyler Letson
Technical Director: Chen, PoChien
Assets Lead: Ting Chu
Assets Artists: Itzel Martinez, Joyce Silva, Michele Vuong, Caroline Raquel, Yuan Jen Yu, Jun Yuan Liu, Kahoo Yu Mok, Tiantian Zhang, Baptiste Leclerc
3D Animators: Shao Wu Tao, En Ni Lee, Hsin Tien Lee, Oscar Cardozo, Susan Chen
2D Artists: Ya Chi Fu, Shu Shiuan Huang, Che Teck Lim
2D Fx Artists: Ding Yi Lu, Hoss Wheeler
Lighter: Andres Gomez Alvear
Compositor: Shu Yuan Yi
Supervising Producer: Noah Pardo
Executive Producer: Adam Belfer
Executive Producer: James Belfer
Sound Design: Logan Baldwin

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