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Welcome to the fascinating world of Spookiz, a captivating Keyring animation that takes you on an unforgettable journey alongside Cula, Frankie, and their school friends.

Cula, a descendant of the royal Dracula family, may appear cold-blooded and sinister, but deep down, he yearns for companionship and friendship. Despite his OCD and extreme tidiness, he often finds himself embarking on mischievous adventures with his loyal sidekick, KongKong. Beneath his mischievous exterior, Cula is truly a kind-hearted soul.

Meet Frankie, the lovable but slowpoke member of the Spookiz gang. Be wary of his insatiable appetite, as it can sometimes transform him into a ravenous monster. With a lucky four-leaf clover atop his head, Frankie radiates kindness, although his hunger-induced mood swings may arise if he's not properly fed.

Kebi, a spirited and carefree soul, thrives on breaking rules and rejecting formalities. He exudes boundless energy and delights in playfully teasing Cula. Despite their friendly rivalry, Kebi and Cula share an unbreakable bond as best buddies.

Introducing KongKong, Cula's faithful sidekick. KongKong is known for his peculiar strength, which allows him to protect the weak and vulnerable. Insecurities about his short stature vanish when he places his trust in Cula, finding solace and reassurance in their friendship.

Prepare to meet Zizi, a character with a unique aroma that she's blissfully unaware of. While her body parts occasionally detach, they effortlessly reattach themselves. Secretly infatuated with Cula, Zizi dreams of being by his side always. Her extreme shyness around him compels her to keep this crush a secret from everyone.

Join us on this remarkable adventure as Spookiz unveils the extraordinary lives and endearing relationships of Cula, Frankie, Kebi, KongKong, and Zizi. Subscribe now to experience the magic!

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