Streamlining Corporate Governance and Affecting Change with Lisa Edwards, President & COO, Diligent

1). [00:00]
2). [02:37] What Diligent is
3). [06:21] How they safeguard companies
4). [10:01] Accommodating a global market and different regulations
5). [14:34] Adjusting for client needs and expansion
6). [16:42] Leaning into continual learning
7.) [18:55] How governance can facilitate social change
7). [21:21] The advantages of diversifying
8). [23:30] The next wave of corporate accountability
9). [27:37] Balancing governance with growth
10). [32:22] Management styles

The world is changing quickly, and the everyday corporate landscape is changing with it. Every company has to prove compliance with different governmental agencies, from everything from environmental reports down to payroll. That’s where Lisa Edwards the President and COO at Diligent, comes in, bringing her focus on using technology to improve the process for all. Every company has governmental rules and regulations they must follow and governmental rules to adhere to. Audits can be tedious and can take valuable time away from innovation and growth. Edwards brings incredible passion and expertise in using technology to improve the process.

“It takes governance, risk compliance, audit, stocks… enterprise risk management. And it puts it together in a logical way. So that across enterprises, you can share data. You can see those things. It’s the dream of a CFO or the head of audit – and in some cases, the board – to be able to have a line of sight on all these things.”

Diligent Corporation is making accountability easier, which helps everyone: companies can move faster without as much clerical gridlock while also improving the way they do business – from diversifying their boardrooms to improving their carbon footprint. In this episode of IT Visionaries, Lisa explains how she turned something as tedious as corporate governance into a streamlined tool that improves businesses and enacts social change. Enjoy the episode!

Main Takeaways
Adapting to global and evolving client needs: At a corporation like Diligent with branches all over the world, adapting to the different regulations of different regions, is complex and nuanced and is one of the strengths of Diligent’s work according to Edwards. The mindset of preparing for current client needs and preempting future desires continues to drive the company forward.
Corporate governance to lead a wave of social change: Diligent creates a streamlined interface where departments can interact with transparency, and this has allowed for positive changes in the cooperate structure. They have created ways for companies to diversify their boardrooms which, it turns out, makes for increased profit margins as well as improved social capital. It is also preparing for a very near-future reality where a company’s environmental impact needs to be reported and monitored.
Improved operations mean faster, more meaningful growth: Operations might seem like the least interesting part of a business, but a streamlined system is, according to Edwards, the key to freeing a business to fly as high as it can. Without worrying about regulatory snafus, a business can just focus on what it does best: providing the best goods and/or services to the consumer.

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