Student passes all the hard tests with his SS level cheating skills | Recap Anime

anime name: Cheating Craft

Anime Recap- At the end of the earth, there exist a country that is said to be the most prosperous in the world. Everything that you would ever need exists here. In addition, the opportunity to possess everything here is given equally to its people. In this country, there is a ranking system based on the people’s education, the higher your education level, the higher your social status will be. With that being the case, there is no such a thing is a weaboo or enjoying youth. People can only plunge into studying. People who are born with an high IQ are called "Learning-Type" or "L-Type" students. On the other hand, experts in using cheating skills, such as "An artificial skin containing all the answers necessary for the exam is only 0.2 millimeters thick.". "Contact lenses that transmit images to the retinas and can translate every single language in an instant." Those who take on the exam by gambling with their own bodies, are known as "cheating-type" or " C-type" students. Many parents have gone to the extreme by turning their kids into cheating machines. They do it all for the National Special-Level University Exam. Years later, one girl and one boy are teaming up to take on this test.

song: NEFFEX - Rumors
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