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When Shakes convinces Cool Joe to get his moves motion-captured for a new video game, Nakama FC Coach, Ura Giri, unlocks the secrets of the winger’s spin technique. Feeling responsible, Shakes sets out to rectify the situation. And he soon gets help from the most unlikely source - the world's Number 1 table tennis player!

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Follow Shakes, Rasta, and the rest of the Supa Strikas on a quest to become the world’s greatest football team!
Teaching the values of respect and teamwork to kids aged between 8 and 12 around the world, Supa Strikas is available in 27 languages across 100 countries.

Moonbug Kids TV Shows is the home of all your favorite cartoon TV shows with full episodes! Join the Supa Strikas football squad, Boboiboy and his super friends, Arpo the robot, and T-rex Ranch on all of their exciting adventures.

00:00 Spinner Takes All
20:30 Stumble In The Jungle

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