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When it’s superhero day at the daycare, Manny arrives with a luchador outfit while Baby John brings his favorite superhero cape. Everyone is curious about his outfit so he explains that luchadores are Mexican superheroes, causing a bit of competition between Manny and Baby John.
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00:00 My Favorite Superhero
03:02 Christmas Is The Best
07:25 London Bridge
10:39 Itsy Bitsy Spider (Jill version)
13:14 This Is The Way (We Get Ready For Xmas)
16:50 Rock-a-bye-Baby
20:07 Juice Song
24:20 Toy Car Race
27:28 Happy Birthday to you
30:11 No More Snacks Baby John
34:03 Birthday Song
37:42 Sick Song (Mom Gets Sick)
40:45 Monsters In The Dark
44:39 Tears Tears Go Away (It's OK To Cry)
47:35 The Potty Captain
51:02 Jill's Birthday Spa Party
54:10 Left Or Right? (Don't Get Lost In The Corn Maze)
57:25 Learn To Ride A Bike
1:00:49 Yes Yes Baby Go to Sleep on Christmas
1:04:00 I Have A Toothache
1:08:02 Tall And Short
1:10:54 I Want To Be An Astrounaut
1:14:42 Cheeky Monkeys Song
1:18:05 Taking Care Of Baby Brother
1:22:13 La Vaca Loca
1:25:19 No No I Am Afraid Song
1:29:10 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Has a Boo Boo
1:32:11 Doctor Knows What's Good For You
1:35:25 This is the Way we fly a Kite
1:38:06 Farm Animals
1:41:59 Daddy Got Sick
1:45:57 Racing Cars On The Playground
1:49:38 Eye Doctor Check Up
1:53:46 Thank You Song (Good Manners)
1:58:00 Super Dad Song
2:02:32 Playtime At School (Skipping The Rope)
2:06:28 Playtime At The Beach
2:09:34 What You Do I Do
2:13:25 Be Patient (Tick Tock Goes The Clock)
2:16:59 What's Inside The Package?
2:19:05 Let's Go On A Pirate Adventure
2:23:08 Pet Vet Checkup Song
2:27:01 Who's At The Door? (Christmas)
2:30:42 Beach Day at School
2:33:45 If I Were A Fireman Or A Policeman
2:37:43 Vegetables Make Us Strong
2:41:43 My 5 Senses
2:45:56 Playtime Song (At The Field)
2:50:23 Pat A Cake (Baking With Grandma)
2:54:35 Dinosaur Song
2:58:39 I Want To Be A T-Rex

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