Superhero In My Sleep - AMV -「Anime MV」

► So guys hope you enjoy this amv.
Hello Guys.
Hope you are all doing good.
Seems like this video and the song stand out more these days because of all the things that are happening right now in the world, and I think that this world needs superheroes more than ever. Maybe this world would be better if it had superheroes, but the important thing is that humans need to lift each other up, cause the most important thing in human life is Humanity, which is hard to find sometimes, and it feels like it's a superpower in most of the cases. JUST REMEMBER to be a good person and help others and yourself, cause that's what superheroes do, and even if you feel down, try to surround yourself with people that are positive and care about you.
Anyway, Hope this video lifts you up and improves your mood.
Hope all of you are safe.
Big Hugs
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