Superman's Most Sadistic Villain: Metallo | Superman the Animated Series

In this video I look at one of my favourite villains from Superman the Animated Series, the cyborg Metallo. I'll start, as ever, by looking at the various Metallos from the comic books, before looking at the character from #supermantheanimatedseries and how I think he's one of the most memorable villains in the show.

#superman #dcau #metallo #STAS

0:00 Introduction
0:28 The Many Comic Book Metallos
4:38 Last Son of Krypton Part 2 & Part 3
5:40 The Way of All Flesh
8:40 Action Figures
10:28 Heavy Metal
11:41 Superman's Pal
12:58 Justice League Appearances
14:20 Conclusion
14:51 Self-Promotion
15:18 Next Time

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