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The word tajweed means to improve, make better. Tajweed of the Holy Qur’an is the knowledge and application of the rules of recitation so the reading of the Qur’an is as the Prophet Mohammed peace and blesings be upon him, recited.

Benefits of learning Tajweed Rules
The benefits of learning Tajweed are many as reflected in some of the
following Ahadeeth:
• The reciters of the Qur’an will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels ‘Aa’ishah, may Allah be pleased with her, relates that the Prophet (SAW) said: “Verily the one who recites the Qur’an beautifully, smoothly, and precisely, he will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels. And as for the one who recites with difficulty, stammering or stumbling through its verses, then he will have TWICE that reward.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

You will be from the best of people ‘Uthmaan, may Allah be pleased with him, said that the Prophet (SAW) said: “The best of you are the ones who learn the ur’an and teach it to others” [Al-Bukhari] There are ten rewards for each letter you recite from the Quran “Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah, he will have a reward. And that reward will be multiplied by ten. I am not saying that “Alif, Laam, Meem” is a letter, rather I am saying that “Alif” is a letter, “laam” is a letter and “meem” is a letter.” [Tirmidhi states this is saheeh]
The Qur’an will lead you to Paradise! The Qur’an is an intercessor, something given permission to intercede, and it is rightfully believed in. Whoever puts it in front of him, it will lead him to Paradise; whoever puts it behind him, it will steer him to the Hellfire.” [An authentic hadith found in AtTabaraanee, on the authority of ‘Abdullaah ibn Mas’ood]

What to Learn in Online Noorani Qaida Course?
◾ Arabic Alphabet & their Proper Pronunciation ◾ Letter Recognition ◾ Letter Positions ◾ Connecting Letters - ◾ Short Vowels (Harakat) ◾ Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah) ◾ Sukoon ◾ Tanween ◾ Letters of Leen ◾ Rules of Noon Sakinah & Tanween ◾ Rules of Raa ◾ Rules of Laam ◾ Noon Qutni ◾ Waqf ( Proper Pausing and Stopping) ◾ Noorani Qaida Lessons & Chapters

Noorani Qaida book is a basic tutorial book for beginners to learn Quran. It starts from basic arabic alphabets. Each lesson has exercises with respective rules of tajweed. Students learn basic rules of tajweed during exercises.
Noorani Qaida is very simple booklet and Muslim of any age from kids to adults can learn it easily. It ensures that the non-Arabic students can learn it in a very easy way. After completing Noorani Qaida, the student will be able to read Quran with rules of Tajweed and Arabic accent.

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