Take on the #CNDanceChallenge with Cartoon Network! Tune in every week for a dance-along and battle.

Taking on the latest dance battles and challenges trend, the show will offer African kids to learn cool moves from 2 animated characters, a girl Anwuli and a boy Kingsley, who will « pop up » on the channel and challenge the kids to get off the couch and dance, but also dance with them, while enjoying some fresh and exclusive music tracks.

Cartoon Network Dance Challenge was animated and directed by Benjamin Sokomba Dazhi. He used Reallusion's iClone 8 real-time animation software – a cutting-edge technology that allowed him to bring Anwuli & Kingsley to life. Benjamin Sokomba Dazhi is from middle belt Nigeria. He’s been doing animations since 2014 and has used his video directing skills to cross over to the animation industry in terms of camera direction, character animation, and overall postproduction and composition in 3D space. Benjamin is very passionate about animation for the big screen especially that which will showcase African culture, lifestyle, music, and dance.

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