The ACTUAL Best Pokemon Game With @Jaiden Animations

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I was addicted to the actual best Pokemon game for years, and only after I sank hundreds of dollars into it have I decided to talk about it. To help me I've brought on resident Pokemon expert and fellow steel-type gym leader, @Jaiden Animations! I then spent an hour talking about her dad. Take that as you will.

Major thanks to TeamAMaazing:
Hexrin (Storyboarder/Animator) -
Joelius (Storyboarder/Animator) -
AdamX (Storyboarder/Animator) -
Hannah (Storyboarder) -
PartyDave (Storyboarder) -
MissRiah (Storyboarder) -
Chaos (Character Designer) -

DavidToons (Animator) -
Lupa (Animator) -
Delaney (Animator) -
Fliglaba (Animator) -
Collin (Animator) -
Amanda (Lip-syncer) -

NuNu91011 (BG Artist/Thumbnail Artist) -
Becky (BG Artist) -
Summer-Lynx (BG Artist) -
Toiame (BG Artist) -
Pepiot (BG Artist) -
Rynthie (BG Artist) -

VStar (Audio Engineer) -
Caleb Winters (Sound Design/Composer) -
Zade (Trailer Editor) -

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