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00:00:00 2 Weeks Left
00:01:27 This is a special episode
00:02:09 Figure Special Version 2
00:13:58 Rashinban
00:19:23 Garnt tries to find a figure from a game Connor has played
00:25:55 Joey splurged on Persona 5
00:31:26 Connor's first JoJo figure
00:33:45 Garnt buys a lewd figure from one of his favorite artists
00:36:30 Joey reps Akira
00:38:58 Connor bought a lewd figure as well
00:42:14 Garnt bought a statue
00:47:18 Joey found a figure that can beat Goku
00:52:10 Connor had to buy a figure that wasn't from an anime
00:56:16 Astop
00:56:57 Garnt gets tactical with his shopping
00:59:06 Joey buys a Fist of the North Star figure
01:00:35 Connor's JoJo collection increases
01:01:53 Garnt just started buying waifus
01:06:31 Connor's JoJo spree
01:09:19 Garnt bought a Black Goku
01:13:12 Joey buys a figure from the last anime season
01:17:14 Connor bought something other than JoJo
01:22:38 Joey spotted a wild Kirito appreciator
01:24:22 Amiami
01:24:41 Joey bought a figure from an incestuous series
01:29:08 Garnt was forced to buy this figure
01:33:46 Connor had to figure out anime that Joey watched in 2021
01:40:46 The boys bought Among Us merch
01:47:54 Garnt got legs of steel
01:48:59 Buying random figures
01:51:35 Joey had trouble finding this specific figure
01:53:02 Connor bought the bike from Akira
01:56:57 Showing off some more cool figures
02:01:24 Connor had to figure out an anime the boys haven't seen
02:07:42 Mandarake
02:10:08 Joey delved into Garnts FGO habits
02:14:11 Garnt got the safest figure recommendation
02:20:31 Garnt bought a sick Gundam figure
02:22:52 Joey got massively ripped off
02:28:33 Connor's final challenge
02:30:02 Garnt really surprises the boys
02:34:05 Revealing the scores
02:37:32 How all of this was even possible
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