The Bee Weekly: Top Ten Cartoons with Tuttle Twins Voice Actor Alex Elkin!

Kyle and Adam are joined by guest host, Comedian and Tuttle Twins voice actor Alex Elkin, to dive deep into hard hitting issues like Jill Biden comparing “latinx” to “breakfast tacos,” Hunter Biden’s leaked iCloud messages (why is no one covering this?), and more! We also list our top 10 cartoons OF ALL TIME, thanks mostly to hate mail saying that grown men shouldn’t watch cartoons. And don’t miss out on this week’s Sizzler Fact!

Bee Radio w/ Austin Robertson and Weakly News w/ Adam Yenser strike back at fake news by being even faker. The Babylon Bee talks to Glen Scrivener about his new book The Air We Breathe where he suggests people are believers without even knowing it. Hmm?!

The Air We Breathe: https://www.amazon.com/Air-We-Breathe-Kindness-Christian/dp/1784987492

In the subscriber portion, the crew reads subscriber headlines, the classic article of the week, bonus hate mail, and then comedian Alex Elkin answers the ten questions.

Check out Alex Elkin’s stand-up tour dates: http://alexelkin.com

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