The Best Motion Design and Animation of 2022 (So Far...)

A showcase of some of the most incredible and inspiring motion design and animation projects of this year so far. Let's learn from the best in the industry and take inspiration from their incredible work.

Everything Mentioned:

Arrow Electronics - Cloud | Coat of Arms

Haewon Shin

Webflow - A New Era of No-Code | Ordinary Folk

Nuria Boj

Spline | Ordinary Folk

Minima: Manifesto | Ordinary Folk

NFT | Aescripts + Aeplugins

Hasan Saied

Hilda & The Mountain King Intro | Giant Ant

Acura S Type | The Line

Nothing Beats Pen and Paper | Hieu Vu

Vivarium Collection | Motion BOGDAN & Gaspart

Austin Bauwens

Amanda Oesef

Infinite Journeys | Pwnisher Community

Bounce Collab | Sengsavane + Various Animators

Thanks to the wonderful Andrew Marston for helping research, write and edit this one. :)

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