The Canadien Mickey Mouse in the BOD

Hello its me the Canadien Mickey Mouse ha haha gee wiz this is a or was a two parter live stream it was on the BEST facebookpage there ever was ha haha The BOD Toys for Suckas. Eh? a VERY VERY 18+ page it is ha haha : https://www.facebook.com/groups/758188427958139
there is a tad, oki doki more than a tad of.....18+ going on BUT!!!!
BUT there is a swell community of toy, action figure and collectible collectors
oh boy oh boy they even have a swell good time they do having live auction streams with Marvel,DC,MOTU thats rightyO folks a good supply of MOTU, thats MOTU MOTU enough for me and you ha haha gee wiz.

#MOTU #3DScanning #TheCanadienMickeyMouse
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