the coolest piece of tech I've used in a long time

Take a stream deck merge it with a mixer, add a bunch of adobe plugins and what do you get? A Loupedeck.

It good
Check 'em out here: https://loupedeck.com/

00:00 Intro
01:45 Photoshop
03:12 Premiere Pro
04:01 Colour Grading
05:26 Streaming
07:07 General Use

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Ever wondered who creates all the assets for creators while they're busy making content? it's me, I'm one of those people.

Hello I'm Joe Hickson , I'm a Designer ? Video Editor ? Film Maker ? Creative Generalist ?
I make cool stuff for cool people and drink a lot of coffee on the way.

Working as a Creative generalist for one of the Uk's largest multichannel gaming network making content for both Twitch and Youtube there's always something creative to make; Graphic design , branding , animation , motion graphics , video editing, filming, VFX, live stream assets , merch , you name it.

I take a large amount of inspiration from a lot of things, yes I steal like an artist. As a result, these vlog like cinematic film video type things are inspired by many talented film makers and creatives. Blending together cinematography, motion graphics and visual effects with fast paced edits to make something unique.

I love the editing process and look to directors like Edgar Wright (know for The Cornetto trilogy and Scott Pilgrim ), and Sam Esmail ( known for Mr Robot and Homecoming ) and I don't think I can even produce vlogs without mentioning the impact of creators like Casey Neistat, Peter Mckinnon, and Jesse Driftwood. While having similar tones to lifestyle creators like Matt D'avella and Nathaniel Drew, who are both amazing and you should definitely check them out!
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